A media obituary

Republicans wanted a sledgehammer, and that’s essentially what they got. Trump’s victory has perpetuated more paranoia in America’s establishment intelligentsia than any president in modern history. As Trump successfully tapped into right-wing media anger, the peevish press corps seemingly lost their integral judgements in their crusade against Trump.

The madness was everywhere, at every hour. You could strike sparks anywhere.”

In the spirit of the old and youthful American left alike, to rewrite the quotable Hunter S. Thompson, there was a universal sense that whatever we were doing was right, but that we were losing. . . . And that, I think, was the handle. That sense of inevitable loss to the forces of Old and Evil – in a mean or military sense; we did need that now.

Now, if you walk to the Northwestern quadrant of downtown D.C. and take a look at The Post’s salient premises, “with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the [institutional progressive] wave finally broke and rolled back.”

With Amerca’s newest Sith Lord, replacing the charismatic favorite, we see a Return of the Jedi Press of the latter days of W.

Amid what we learn is a “chaotic” transition team “in disarray“, Trump’s appointment of Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist has really awakened the Force in Democratic journalists so busy publishing articles this election cycle that they totally missed the Big Event.

Now, as one of few cabinet announcements to date, the ex-chairman of independent right media Breitbat.com is a suitable target for the current flood of racist and anti-Semitic accusations.

Bannon, too, declared war on the American left years ago. The current noise suggests that his enemies conceivably feel less complacent and probably more exposed.

The strong eagerness to pin Trump’s populist America First rhetoric as anti-Semitic has been prevalent from the Zionist and neo-conservative right to the anti-fascist and institutional left. Bannon has captured the starring role as the newest poster-boy for progressive media to educate the masses of Tump’s secret Hitlerism.

On the Dark List, all is fair game. Hence all of the articles on Bannon’s vile anti-semitism is directly copy-pasted from Media Matter’s talking point (seriously).

In the spirit of madness, reactionary cynics like myself remember the good Old Days when credible news sources rightly ridiculed conservative pundits’ hysteria over Obama’s supposedly radical appointees on the basis of anecdotal claims and associative guilt.

Because of Breitbart’s anti-immigration hard-right stirring, current media didn’t need to bother with such integral journalistic precedents as, say, reaching out to Bannon’s many public Jewish friends, for example senior-editor of Breitbart.com (or his closest assistant for many years – an African-American woman – for that matter), to balance their narrative.

Since we’re supposedly talking about credible news sources – which now vehemently grudge the amount of fake right wing news stories “swinging the election to Trump” – it’s worth pointing out the obvious: This is not poor journalism, this is deliberate hit-pieces.

Being somewhat of a Lord of the Pigs himself, Bannon is probably not America’s nicest gentleman. Yet there’s zero evidence he’s an anti-Semite. This prevailing labeling is based on a single unsubstantiated claim from his ex-wife saying that Bannon wouldn’t let his children attend a private school with majority Jewish pupils, allegedly because they were spoiled.

Yet can you believe, the anecdotal proof goes even further. This anti-Jewish dark web published two articles supporting these anti-Semitic claims under Bannon’s leadership.

A Breitbart piece with “Renegade Jew” in the headline was surely proof of Bannon’s anti-semitism. The minor detail that CNN, ABC, and WPost conveniently omitted is that the piece was written by religious Jew David Horowitz,  as a zionist attack against Bill Kristol for implicitly supporting Hillary, which Horowitz deemed bad for Israel.

We could similarly read about Breitbart’s “conspiratorial attacks on Anne Applebaum for secretly plotting with the Jewish elite”. Again without mentioning that the freely written pun – “Hell Hath No Fury Like an American, Polish, Jewish, Elitist scorned” – also was written by an Orthodox Jew in a particular context against Applebaum’s internationalism.

If the Might of a collective press-corps deemed a record-man a racist for employing artists espousing the N-word, surely there would be of relevant information if these were black rappers?

Why, does any good citizens really care that there’s lacking evidence of Bannon’s anti-semitism as long as there’s anecdotal claims and that it sticks. It’s all for the good cause right? But the reason such information is omitted is that it undermines the American left’s insistence that the right promotes repressive interests and not political ideology.

For the cultural left political ideology has become inseparable from institutional racism. Bannon is after all ex-chairman of the biggest news site for the so-called “alternative right”, which gained notoriety when Clinton in a major “alt-right” speech warned that this angry young white “radical fringe” was channelized behind president Trump’s candidacy.

Her speech was cautioned by establishment commentators for giving attention and a voice to the “alt-right”. But the Clinton camp knew what they were doing; as good progressives of the Alinsky manual they got ahead of the game.

Invoking this alt-right connection symbolizes an update of the left’s New-Oldspeak – Hiterlism 2.0 – which has been the foremost progressive strategy against Trump.

Hence well before CNN and Wpost’s daily headlines of every rural barn with a swastika and reports on every unsubstantiated racial Twitter-claim in “Trump’s New America”, the link between the president-elect’s nationalist platform and the mass unleashing of crypto fascist forces had already been propagated. Now, the discussion is shut down and the moral consensus is settled by deeming a person to be a part of the “alt-right”, a buzz-word just as meaningless but more catchy than the tired extreme right.

The political advancement of Collective Guilt as the secular version of Original Sin signifies America’s drift to a period more anti-intellectual than pre-Reformation Europe. One in which amateur and professional ideologues are more preoccupied with determining the rules and monopolizing the boundaries of discussions than actually advancing productive discussions. And the infantile President-elect is America’s shining mirror.

With the refusal to freely and civilly discuss controversial issues, respectable politics have opened the door ajar to nationalist movements, just as “impartial” media double standards have contributed to the post-factual political discourse they worry about.

The rising mass hysteria was triggered from that nervous election night, but the sun rises each morning too. Radical leftists are still chanting “this is what democracy looks like” in America’s city streets echoing the Seattle spring of 99 from the strange memories of the movement’s own anti-globalization days. This time around it seems like the irredeemable faith in the High Water Mark of mass popular democracy has somehow, somewhere disappeared along the way. The wave seems broken. And a cynic like myself has learned to appreciate the few personal victories one can get – for the causes of Old and Evil.

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