Trump against the elite, is now the elite

Donald bursts America’s political bubble. The outsider beating the ultimate insider nonetheless remains a false prophet.

The Trump phenomenon was an understandable reaction to legitimate worries and the political-shaming in America. His anti-intellectualism was a response to a similar anti-intellectualism from many progressives, which is revealed in their limited sense of and willingness to understand people with different political values. This is prevalent among establishment Democrats and radical leftists alike. Many people that simply wish to live off their own income have been demonized in the cultural left’s political climate. Clinton’s campaign, too, applied this strategy, which alongside her elitism contributed to her defeat. The Democrats’ obsession with saving America from the Very Bad Guy only served as a distractor for not addressing real political issues, especially those right-leaning voters care about.

Trump was not primarily an expression of our favorite Liberal Art topics – racism, sexism, and inequality – but of cultural resentment against the excessive group think of the left, as well as a reaction to changing national circumstances.

Thomas Sowell has stated this well: “The political left’s hatred of Donald Trump is ironic, because both he and they have the same pattern of automatic demonizing of those who disagree with their views, rather than confronting opposing arguments with hard evidence or convincing logic.”

But Sowell is conceivably more correct then he’d wish. Because judging from Trump’s transition team of Establishment old-timers there’s few signals of any real blow to DC politics, any more than a typical tax-and-spend hopeful winning the top slot.

It’s sad but not surprising that Trump will pack his cabinet with Big-Government – Chris Christie types (!) – Republicans with anti-liberal attitudes. More recently it seemed conceivable he’d actually distance himself from the failed policies (and sectarian thinking!) of the Neo-Conservatives. And hence cut military waste and unnecessary bases domestically and internationally, as well as reduce America’s intermingling in foreign entanglements, especially with Iran. This seems very optimistic now. Economically, Trump might turn out to be almost as dangerous and reality-detached as Bernie. If he pursues the expansive fiscal policies he’s expressed then higher interests on the national debt will become unsustainable and likely create an inflationary bubble.

Indeed the only criteria Trump seems to have for serving in his administration is that they supported the Great Leader’s candidacy. But this only reflects his weak popularity-oriented personality instead of the non-conformist leader America actually needs to burst the deeper political bubble of partisan irresponsibility.

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